For Effortless Payments with Cards

FairPay is a stripe based moderate point of sales (POS) application, developed to collect and make payments from a mobile device. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

About the app

FairPay uses stripe’s suit to perform all kinds of payments, sending payouts and accepting payments using cards and managing both,
online and offline business. Developed to run on mobile devices, and for Android and iOS platforms.

The Idea

Our client who runs an online and offline business in the UK, was facing some major issues regarding payments, especially when customers wanted to pay with cards. With the help of the analysis team, they found out the need for a payment system to eliminate those hurdles to make payment processing and business management easier.

They knocked on our door

As we are a reputed and well-established software development organization worldwide, it wasn’t that difficult for our client to find us. Well, they reached out to us, and we discussed their issues in great detail with them. And then...

We provided the solution

We built a mobile app for them using stripe suit, which enables them to accept and make payments using physical or virtual cards, and other types of online and offline payments. The app allows customers to make fraud-free payments, without paying higher transaction charges.

The system can process all types of online and in-person payments.

By using Stripe, the FairPay app accepts American Express, Visa, Discover, and Master-card. And others like, JCB, Union Pay and Diners club.

The app allows payments through digital wallets (e.g. Google pay, Apple pay). And it sets up automatic payments also.

International payments can be done by using this app, as it supports 135 currencies.

The app lets you perform additional tasks like,

- Keeping track of transactions history and access it whenever required.
- Managing and updating inventory from the app, generate and send invoices from the app.

How we addressed our client’s pain points

Our client’s main concerns were higher transaction charges on customers and secure transactions.

With the help of stripe’s software and APIs, we built a secure payment system that allowed our client to levy minimal transaction charges on their users.

For local transactions, it allows to set up local subsidiary accounts to make easy payments, and with less additional charges.

For international transactions, it uses methods like SEPA direct debit, ACH, Alipay, and others to reduce the transaction fees.

Key features of FairPay app
1 Fast and smooth online payments with cards – Customers can provide card details and enter the pin to execute the secure transaction. Money gets deposited in the vendor’s account within a maximum of 48 hours.
2 Camera support – Scan a card using your device’s camera, and the app will detect a card’s details and provide them for payment processing.
3 NFC tap payment – With this feature contactless payments can be done with cards and mobile wallets also.
4 Inventory Updates - With stripe’s API integration this app can provide you inventory information during scanning a product’s information using a barcode reader.
5 Security – Card details are not stored during the process on the platform. So, the app maintains the security, and transactions are fraud-free.
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Development of FairPay

After a detailed analysis of the business and its requirement, we had developed the basic idea. And after designing and deciding on how to integrate all the features like NFC, Stripe SDK, camera, inventory API, we assigned an expert team of developers for respective platforms (Android and iOS).

Within 8 months since we started the project, the app was developed, tested, and successfully launched for both platforms.

Technologies Used
Programming languages : Swift, JAVA
IDE : Xcode, Android Studio
Framework : MVC (model view controller)

Third-Party Libraries and SDK

• Stripe SDK - For payment processing and dividing the payment into two parts and transferring to respective accounts.
• - For scanning credit card details using the device’s camera.
• EMV-NFC-Paycard-Enrollment - An open-source library to read and extract data from NFC EMV credit card.
• Firebase –For collecting usage and behavior data for the app.
• Retrofit (Android)/Alamofire (iOS) - To manage network calls to our server. For example, sending transaction details, and fetching user information.

The outcome

The app was a result of detailed analysis, framework, and expert programming. After successfully delivering the FairPay app to our client, they started using it, and the app is helping them to perform all the payment process efficiently since then. The performance of the app has led to an increase in its subscriptions over the past 6 months worldwide.

What our customers say
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“Kleverapps and the team have been exceptionally efficient and empathetic in the entire app development process. The after development technical support has been fantastic and really thankful to them for providing us tremendous service. Sure, I am looking for future collaborations with Kleverapps.”

- Jonathan Morris

Office Manager

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