On-demand delivery app

Drop-ship is an on-demand delivery app, which creates a real-time connection between customers and delivery agents when there is a need for package delivery.

  • App type : On-demand delivery app
  • Languages : Objective-C, Core JAVA
  • Platforms : Android, iOS
  • Country : USA
About Drop-ship app

Drop-ship is an on-demand delivery app that provides goods and packages delivery solutions for citizens of the USA. The app creates a real-time connection between a customer who wants to deliver a package, and a delivery agent nearby. It helps people to get things delivered within estimated time period. Drop-ship comes with customer application, delivery driver application and admin panel application.

The Idea

Our client owns a delivery services business in the USA. As his business was growing substantially, he realized the need for an overhaul in customers’ delivery experience. Having a growth- oriented mindset and, being an enthusiastic and innovative individual he wanted to take his business to another level. After doing extensive research on online platforms, he decided to get an app that can help customers and delivery agents to reach out to each other in real-time, eventually making the process faster and more efficient.

And how did they connect with us

While doing extensive online research, our client came to know about many successful apps, which were developed by us. So, that made him believe in our expert services, and he decided to reach out to us for his app development requirements.

His requirements,

As mentioned earlier, the client was very much clear with his requirements for the app. He wanted this app developed for his customers, delivery drivers and for his admin team. So, the app can create a real-time connection between all of them, and the delivery process becomes faster, as it will provide customers instant access to his quality delivery services.

The Drop-ship app was supposed to be developed for citizens of the USA, so we both agreed to build it for both the platforms (Android and iOS).

And the process...

And the process...

Features of Drop-ship app
1Real-time visibility of available driver location.
2Real-time visibility of package pick-up and delivery time estimation.
3Real-time delivery tracking.
4Options to choose pick-up and delivery location and time.
5Add package details.
6Add package details.
7Price details.
8Online payment option.
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Development of FairPay

After a detailed analysis of the business and its requirement, we had developed the basic idea. And after designing and deciding on how to integrate all the features like NFC, Stripe SDK, camera, inventory API, we assigned an expert team of developers for respective platforms (Android and iOS).

Within 8 months since we started the project, the app was developed, tested, and successfully launched for both platforms.

Technologies Used
Programming languages : Swift, JAVA
IDE : Xcode, Android Studio
Framework : MVC (model view controller)

Third-Party Libraries and SDK

• Stripe SDK - For payment processing and dividing the payment into two parts and transferring to respective accounts.
• Card.io - For scanning credit card details using the device’s camera.
• EMV-NFC-Paycard-Enrollment - An open-source library to read and extract data from NFC EMV credit card.
• Firebase –For collecting usage and behavior data for the app.
• Retrofit (Android)/Alamofire (iOS) - To manage network calls to our server. For example, sending transaction details, and fetching user information.

The outcome

The app was a result of detailed analysis, framework, and expert programming. After successfully delivering the FairPay app to our client, they started using it, and the app is helping them to perform all the payment process efficiently since then. The performance of the app has led to an increase in its subscriptions over the past 6 months worldwide.

What our customers say
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“Kleverapps and the team have been exceptionally efficient and empathetic in the entire app development process. The after development technical support has been fantastic and really thankful to them for providing us tremendous service. Sure, I am looking for future collaborations with Kleverapps.”

- Jonathan Morris

Office Manager

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